HIGH QUALITY TENNIS FOUNDATION, Kids achieving their full potential is the forefront of what we are working together towards. The programs and activities of our foundation are designed to be a catalyst that helps kids achieve their full potential. A large percentage of kids who find love with the sport of tennis end up loosing interest due to a lack of resources and support. High Quality Tennis Foundation supports kids with resources such as equipment, clothing, organizing tournaments, group clinics and academic materials. So learn more about our positive impact and join us in reshaping communities around the world. 


Who We Are

Our goal is to help revitalize tennis at the Winneba Tennis Academy and provide the players with a wide range of opportunities to continue their career after high school. The foundation was founded through the motivation of a former Winneba Tennis Academy player who's desire was to give back to the Tennis Academy. The Winneba Tennis Academy Head Coach Noah Bukari gave the founder a home and took him off the streets. Through such a kind act it helped awaken his purpose as he looked toward the future. Eric Okyere, the founder believed that if he himself was not able to reach higher levels such as the ATP and Grand Slams , his goal became to help the athletes in the next generation get to that level of play. Eric also believes in the importance of a better education for all kids. He makes it part of his agenda to see that all kids get a higher quality education and tutoring options for those who desire extra help.